Sunday, April 13, 2008

I've never watched Dave Chapelle

so can someone tell me what his skit was about. I'm trying to figure out the tie in to this CNN news article, which I've partially posted. Please check out link for original article.

Ohio state troopers disciplined for Ku Klux Klan photo

SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) -- A highway patrolman who was photographed in a handmade Ku Klux Klan costume while on duty the day before the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday has been suspended without pay, authorities said.

A fellow trooper who transmitted the cell-phone photo of white-masked lawman has been demoted.

Craig Franklin, a 12-year veteran of the Ohio Highway Patrol, is pictured in the January 20 photo with a white cone on his head, white paper mask and a white cloth covering his shoulders, according to a highway patrol report.

Franklin is otherwise in trooper uniform. A handgun holster, a radio normally issued by the patrol and other police equipment can be seen in the photo, the report said.

Franklin and Trooper Eric Wlodarsky told an investigator that the picture was taken as a joke and was modeled on a television skit by comedian Dave Chappelle.

Highway patrol officials began an investigation after the patrol's Administrative Investigative Unit received an anonymous letter that included two photographs of Franklin in the outfit, an interoffice memo said.

Franklin, Wlodarsky, another trooper and a dispatcher discussed Martin Luther King Jr. Day at their post on the day the photo was taken, the report said. The national holiday was the following day.

None of the 13 troopers assigned to the Sandusky post are black.


Anonymous said...

Whatever it was was done on a show staring a black man. The article states that all Troopers at that post are white. I highly doubt it was done with the same "humor" in mind.

SamD said...

Obviously we should all be outraged at the behaviour of the trooper--his behaviour was intended to be upsetting, threatening and demeaning---but we should apply the same standard across the board. If this guy in censured for dressing up in a costume (and a woman is fined for referring to some AA children climbing a tree as "monkeys") then a pastor that preaches hate to a congregation of 12,000 every Sunday (the equivalent to shouting fire in a crowded theater) needs to be censured and FINED as well? We should not be accepting of ANY hate sppech/act regardless of its source.

Anonymous said...

samd, does it still hold for pastors who preach hate against homesexuals? What about radio hosts? Did anyone bother to listen to the entire sermon or is this country just soundbite happy too impatient and empty of independent thought to actually take the time to listen to a complete sermon. Does anyone do any independent research or are we just sheep. Samd, if you really want to do things across the board than please attack all hate equally. Including those in your own circle. This is something I find most people will not do. We only choose to see hate in those we disagree with. So what is the standard? This is not the first or last pastor of any race to speak out against American policies, heck some politicians do too. Please make sure you hound them too.