Tuesday, June 10, 2008

John McCain needs to do his homework

Even I knew about this and truly I'm not too up on things. - AThinking Mind

via: The Hill's Briefing Room

June 4, 2008
McCain Unaware of Obama's Iran Divestment Bill
@ 4:01 pm by Chris Good
John McCain, who called for a worldwide divestment campaign against Iran Monday, said today he was unaware of a bill Obama introduced in 2007 authorizing similar divestment efforts in the U.S.

McCain was asked about the bill at a press conference and said he was "not familiar with it at all," according to a transcript circulated by the Obama campaign.

"No, I am not familiar with it at all. I do not know if it passed the senate or had any hearing or anything else," McCain said according to the transcript. "I had, so, literally thousands and thousands pieces of legislation are proposed every year. I know what he did. He voted against the Iranian revolutionary guard being declared a terrorist organization."

McCain's campaign accused Obama of being "weak" on Iran for not backing a resolution that would designate its revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization. McCain has sought to bring Obama's positions on Iran to the forefront today as Obama addressed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's (AIPAC) conference in Washington, DC along with Hillary Clinton.

The bill passed the House 408-6 last summer and now sits in the Senate Banking Committee. The Obama campaign today accused Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), the committee's ranking member, of blocking the bill.

Obama's bill would authorize state and local governments to strip finances from U.S. companies with investments of $20,000,000 or more in Iran's energy sector.