Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sometimes I wonder if Mexico will ever work with us 100%

I am disgusted that they have not cooperated with bring this murderer to justice. I found this on, I am sure other sites have covered it and I truly hope that more attention will be paid to this. Please click the link to take you to the entire article. Here is a bit:

Mexico frees suspect in U.S. agent's death
by Sean Holstege - Jun. 26, 2008 12:00 AM
The Arizona Republic
U.S. officials say they are outraged that a judge in Mexico has released a man suspected of killing a Yuma border agent this year by ramming a Humvee into the agent's all-terrain vehicle.

The release of 22-year-old Jesus Navarro Montes comes as U.S. Border Patrol agents grapple with an increase in vehicle-ramming attacks along the Mexican border in recent years.

Since Oct. 1, the Border Patrol in Arizona has logged 24 truck assaults on agents or their barricades along the border. The number hit a record 44 the previous year, which was before work crews built dozens of miles of vehicle barriers along the Arizona-Sonora line.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement says its agents also have seen a steady increase in vehicle attacks in recent months, although ICE does not keep statistics.