Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You mean FoxNews doesn't check their facts....

Duh.... Let's be honest most "news" stations do not practice professional journalism. They are so interested in ratings and getting their point of view across that they rarely do research. Fox News is one of the worst because as long as the guest is on their side they won't even ask obvious questions.

Anyway via Ohio.Com
you can check out the entire blurb at this link:

Unprofessional, not libel

A federal judge threw out a school superintendent's lawsuit against Fox News, saying the cable news channel acted unprofessionally but without malice when anchors on Fox and Friends reported a parody story as fact last year.

The case was an outgrowth of an April 2007 prank in which a middle school student tossed a slab of leftover Easter ham onto a table surrounded by Somali Muslim youngsters, knowing the Muslims would be offended. Muslims consider pork unclean.

A few days later, a parody story was posted online, attributing numerous made-up quotes to Superintendent Leon Levesque, including the need to teach kids that ''ham is not a toy'' and references to developing an ''anti-ham response plan.'' The spoof was reported as fact on Fox and Friends on April 23.

In his slander suit, Levesque who sought $75,000 in damages, said he was ridiculed and overwhelmed for days with phone calls and hate mail, including threatening calls to his home.

U.S. District Judge D. Brock Hornby concluded Tuesday that Fox News was unprofessional, but did not act out of malice.

Fox co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade ''were certainly gullible,'' Hornby wrote, adding that portions of the fake story were ''so absurd that they should have raised the defendants' truth-seeking antennae and caused them to question the accuracy of the article.''