Friday, October 31, 2008

A great article about DISTRACTIONS

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when you can't run on the issues, bring on the lies
Tuesday, October 07, 2008
By DeAngelo Starnes
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Sarah Palin has transformed herself from clueless candidate to McCain’s attack dog. Here in Colorado, she made a statement that Obama’s been “palling around with terrorists.” She’s talking, of course, about William Ayers, the University of Chicago professor and elementary education advocate who, in 1969, co-founded the Weather Underground, a radical group formed to protest U.S. policies through disruption of government-sanctioned events and the bombing of government property. After spending a decade on the run, Ayers turned himself in. Charges against the group were later dropped because of misconduct on the part of investigators.

Even though Obama’s relationship with Ayers is marginal, the McCain-Palin campaign continues to claim Obama is a close friend of William Ayers. Did you even know who William Ayers was? Do you know that Obama was in elementary school when the Weather Underground was in its heyday? But Obama allegedly is palling around with Ayers. Last I checked, he was busy criss-crossing the country trying to win the Presidency.

Of course, he’s not palling with any terrorists. It’s an incendiary comment that’s borderline slanderous. Palin is knowingly making untrue statements. And she made the comment to the audience with whom it would resonate: Joe Six-Pack.

Now, she’s trying to resurrect Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright. Old news, But again something that will resonate with Joe and Jane Six-Pack.

What do you do when you’re desperate and losing? Distract and exaggerate. A lie ain’t going to hurt unless you’re in front. And that’s what we’re seeing with the McCain-Palin campaign.

It’s the Lee Atwater/Karl Rove campaign-by-distraction tactic. It works with simple-minded voters; Voters who don’t study issues. Voters who vote based on buzzwords. Voters who look for an excuse not to vote for a Black man.