Sunday, October 19, 2008

An Open Letter to Joe the Plumber from Don the Factory Worker

Two of the paragraphs summed it up completely

With that said, I was more than a little surprised by the comments you later made to the media. I watched the video, Joe, and I think any sane person would agree that Barack Obama tried his best to give you a straightforward, honest answer to your question. In other words, he didn't "tap-dance" around the issue at all. I can only believe that you had your mind made up to try to fluster him; and when it didn't work, you went ahead and pretended that it did. That, Joe, is a typical Republican strategy; and I'd like to think that you're better than that.


As for questioning the candidates, shouldn't you really be asking John McCain why he thinks he WON'T have to raise any taxes if he's elected? That promise is as ridiculous as his recent statement about knowing how to get Bin Laden. Think about it: Bush is leaving us flat-ass broke, and we still need to buy body armor for our soldiers and pave roads and build schools and take care of the elderly (and yes, Social Security was a great idea until the politicians started borrowing from it, but then maybe that was easier than raising taxes on a bunch of crybabies) and on and on. Unless we borrow more from China, that money will have to come from taxes. Even a fool can see through that bullshit
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